Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In a World of "Text"-ing, Teach Kids How to Write

Walt Gardner opines in EdWeek that in a world obsessed with STEM skills, schools are neglecting to teach kids the important skills of reading and writing.  Making insightful observations about the gap between "grammar skills" and fluent writing, Gardner notes - and laments - the receding writing skills associated with kids immersed in a world of text messages.  This point was aptly addressed in a recent LA Times commentary.  The loss of writing skills is negatively impacting the business world and the ability to being to access the jobs and lives they desire.  Importantly, Gardner reminds us that being an effective writer is intrinsically linked to being an effective reader.  It's not enough to assign kids reading and writing.  English teachers at all levels - including college - need to teach kids "how to read" and "how to write."


Mike Thiac said...

On this we will agree. I deal with a lot of 20 something college graduates and the lack of proper writing is scary. Not only grammar and spelling but also writing out a simple sentence.

mmazenko said...

What saddens me is that so many people who write poorly reach positions of authority and almost negate the argument for clarity. Students will explain how poorly their "executive" father writes. And, despite countless complaints, I am always hearing from friends about how their boss "can't write." Guess he doesn't need to.