Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Vote for Barry Bonds - and Steroids Users - in Hall of Fame

Call me a purist and a holier-than-thou elitist, but I firmly oppose the inclusion of Barry Bonds and other steroid users in baseball's Hall of Fame.  As the voting ballots go out this week, and the debate over Barry Bonds' and Roger Clemens' worthiness of Hall of Fame entry goes into high gear, I stand resolute that sportswriters should "Just Say NO" to performance-enhancing drug use by professional athletes.  This week Denver Post sportswriter Troy E. Renck insightfully and succinctly expresses the reservations felt by many sports fans regarding steroid use and professional awards.  Certainly, there are logical arguments for and against the inclusion of the steroid users in the Hall.  If nothing else, their accomplishments and achievements in the game cannot be refuted.  And, many would argue that simply putting an asterisk next to the records - or setting up a "performance enhanced wing" of the Hall - would be sufficient.  Time will tell how society views these flawed men.  No man is the sum of his worst act, and perhaps a little forgiveness is due.  But, for the time being I like Renck's assertion that now is too soon for the Barry Bonds Hall of Fame dilemma to be decided.

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Allan Webber said...

The man shouldn't even have been considered to begin with. It isn't fair to the legitimately clean players for a proven steroids user to be inducted among the sport's all-time greats.