Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Denver Post Nears $400 a Year

I must say I was little taken aback on Saturday when my Weekend Wall Street Journal jumped to $4.00 a copy. Seems like just yesterday it was $2.00. And, granted, even $4.00 is a great deal for all that comes in the weekend WSJ. And, I know producing a world class newspaper isn't cheap, and it's getting more and more difficult with the digital age. That said, I was even more shocked when I went to renew my subscription to the Denver Post.

The Denver Post is a fantastic, high quality city newspaper, and I have truly enjoyed being a daily subscriber for the past decade.  However, I must admit I was given pause with my most recent renewal notice.  One year, seven days a week, $399.  Considering the price when I came to Denver ten years ago was less than fifty bucks, I'm having a hard time getting my mind around this.  Though I shouldn't be.  For a high quality paper to be delivered to my driveway each morning by 5:00 am, I shouldn't complain.  It's actually a hell of a deal at a little more than a dollar a day.

But I do worry that we are on a downward slide, and that fewer people will truly appreciate the value of such a daily news feed.  And don't get started on the internet.  Because I am talking local news that requires feet on the ground and reporters in a newsroom regularly.  Certainly, I can get a lot of news from national sources.  But the world will be worse off if daily big city newspapers disappear.  While local suburban journals like The Villager or the Aurora Sentinel or the Centennial News do a nice job for their narrow markets, we can't lose the Denver Post.

So, give it some serious thought.  We need the Denver Post.  Even if you're just getting the weekend package, an investment in the Denver Post is good for us all.

So, check it out.


Mike Thiac said...

Suggestion if it's an option. The Houston Chronicle allows a digital subscription (Plus paper on Sunday for 5 a month. Denver Post have that?

mmazenko said...

Yeah, but I'm old school. Need the paper on the driveway in the morning.

Mike Thiac said...

Not very progressive of you, I must say! ;<)

mmazenko said...

I'm actually quite conservative and traditional. :-)