Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alamos - A Nice, Affordable Malbec

I've always enjoyed pinot noir when I drink wine, though I can appreciate a really nice zinfandel or one of the many interesting red-blends out there these days.  There are even a few merlots that really intrigue me.  However, the malbec from Argentina is a wine that really appeals to my palate.  The malbec - in my novice opinion - bridges the gap between the full flavor of a cabernet sauvignon and the soft delicate nature of the pinot noir.  That said, malbec is a relative unknown for the average American, and I don't have a lot of great names to point to.  In fact, I enjoyed a great malbec in Vail recently, but can't recall the name.  Thus, on a recent trip to my neighborhood shop DTC Wine and Spirits, I engaged in a great malbec discussion with one of their "wine guys."  He recommended Alamaos from Mendoza, Argentina as "their most popular Malbec."  At $10.99 this wine is both quite affordable and drinkable.  My wife does not enjoy a heavy red, and rarely enjoys the cabs I drink. But she found this quite to her liking.  Alamos Malbec is a great introduction to malbec, the red wine gem of South America.

Alamos Malbec

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