Thursday, March 3, 2016

President John Kasich

It is a sad, sorry, state of the union when a strong, talented, experienced, knowledgeable, and proven leader like John Kasich is being "Trumped" by a truly embarrassing political candidate. The best hope for a strong America would be a Presidential election between Hilary Clinton and John Kasich. Whatever your politics, you should be able to concede that these are the two adults in the room, and they are the only rational choices to lead the country.

As I listened to the GOP debate in Detroit this evening, I was truly baffled by the absolutely juvenile exchanges between Donald Trump and the other candidates, and I was profoundly disappointed by the debate moderators' inability to stage a professional exchange of ideas among grown men with the highest political aspirations. Such low-brow behavior is evidence that a large percentage of the GOP primary votes are simply naive, ignorant, and ill-informed as to the very concept of governing.

So sad.

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