Thursday, March 31, 2016

Soda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low - It's About Time!

Have you noticed more Coca-Cola commercials now than you have in recent years? It certainly seems that way - and it may be a result of the soft drink companies feeling a financial pinch from the news that "soda consumption dropped to a 30-year-low" in recent months. If that were true, it could be an amazing development in the fight against obesity and type-2 diabetes. Let's face it - soda is one of the worst products we can consume because it is basically "sugar water" with a bunch of chemicals thrown in to make it even more addictive. I know that when I cut daily soda consumption out thirteen years ago, I lost a good 15+ pounds in about six weeks. While I certainly enjoyed a pop every once in a while, I enjoy much more feeling healthy and fit. And, there is no reason that we can't adapt our tastes to products like unsweetened Arizona Tea, or better yet, some Coconut Water. That said, I dilute those products for a variety of reasons. And, even if consumers are switching from high-fructose corn syrup laden soft drinks to something as simple as Vitamin Water, at least they are cutting their sugar and calorie consumption.

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