Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Classroom Management - Don't Bribe Kids to Behave

RE-POST - Mazenglish, 2012

Far too many teachers see classroom management as a burden that can only be controlled through a bribery-based incentive system.  In fact, the use of rewards for good behavior - which is really just how they should behave - has become accepted practice.  Not good, says Dr. Tracey Garrett who writes "Classroom Management: Not Just a Bag of Tricks."  There is too much research out there on effective strategies for managing a classroom for experienced professionals to continually cede control of their domain for a few skittles or worse.

The concept of reward-based discipline has always bugged me - though it's not surprising that people resort to it.  Certainly, a quick look around the community reveals that many adults parent this way as well.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  From early in my career, I knew the tools of classroom management, even as they were reinforced to my through a series of videos from Dr. Harry Wong.  The basics are always the same.  Effectively managed classrooms are, in fact, managed.  Systems and procedures must be in place with a level of expectation that is clear.  Basically, successful classroom management is grounded in:

  1. Organizing the physical environment
  2. Creating rules and routines
  3. Establishing caring relationships
  4. Planning and implementing engaging instruction
  5. Clearly addressing - not ignoring - discipline issues.

It is, uh, that simple.

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