Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Colorado Law Allows Medical Marijuana at School

So, now there's this:

"Colorado School Districts Dealing with New Law Allowing Students to Use Medical Marijuana at School"

Colorado school districts this year are wrestling with a new law that allows students with a valid prescription to get medical marijuana treatments on school property with or without help from a school nurse. “Jack’s Law” offers two alternatives for the state’s 179 school districts. They can write policies limiting where on campus the treatments can take place or what forms of nonsmokable cannabis can be administered. If the district doesn’t create a policy, parents or a designated private caregiver would have no limitations on where they could administer the treatment. “It’s an either/or for the school districts,” said Rep. Jonathan Singer, a Longmont Democrat who was the bill’s sponsor. He wanted to give parents the right to administer cannabis medicine while also allowing school districts a way to police its use. “Ultimately, the school districts can figure it out,” Singer said, “or the state will figure it out for you.”

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