Monday, June 7, 2010


I was happy to see the Celtics even the score on Sunday night because Kobe Bryant just whines way to much for me to hear about him winning his fifth ring. Kobe has definitely got game - but I'm not really interested in hearing the Jordan comparisons, or the Magic comparisons for that matter. So, as Augustana sings, "I think [we'll] go to Boston, I think [we'll] start a new life ..."

However, let's hope the referees learn to swallow their whistles. The excessive fouls and calls - especially the bumping off the ball - is really annoying, and it is killing the game. Garnett and Odom and Perkins and Gasol with three fouls in the first half? That was ridiculous. They're big boys - let them play.


Paul Swendson said...

I'm a Lakers fan, and I can tell you that Magic was a bit of a whiner as well. (And Jordan was not necessarily cordial with the refs.) In fact, I can think of few NBA players who do not spend a lot of time crying to the officials.

I can't help wondering if the NBA is making some effort to extend this series as long as possible. A Lakers/Celtics matchup pulls in ratings, something everyone in this day and age could definitely use. Whether it's a conspiracy or just incompetence, NBA officiating has ruined the game for years. I'm not sure how much longer I will be watching.

steven said...

What angers me is how the NBA refs favor some players, particularly Labron and Shaq. I always rooted against Labron and Shaq, even though the favoritism wasn't necessairly their doing (which was understandable, since I was rooting for the Pistons). It seemed to me that they could get away with murder, and the refs would almost always call the foul on the other team. You're right, Paul, the officiating has ruined the game.

mmazenko said...

I guess another thing that bugs me about Kobe is how little fun he seems to have playing the game. Certainly, Magic and MJ were always jawing on the refs and trash talking the opposition, but Kobe just seems so pissy. That really goes for Lebron, too. KG "The Big Ticket" are Ray Allen are my kind of players - old school workhorses who battle on without much fanfare.