Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FoxNews Host Lauren Green's Interview of Reza Aslan is Truly Hateful & Bigoted

Pardon my language, but FoxNews host Lauren Green is a bitch. She is either a truly hateful bigot, or she is incredibly ignorant and merely pimping out her interviewing to appease a bigoted audience. Now, for all who disagree with my politics, I am not saying MSNBC hosts aren't also biased and even nasty to interview subjects. In fact, I think Lawrence O'Donnel's behavior is truly embarrassing at times. But Lauren Green's behavior is atrocious, not to mention colossally ignorant.

Seriously, what is wrong with this woman. Clearly, she has a hateful agenda that has since come under fire. She is clearly a person who doesn't do her research. And, in terms of interviewing people there is plenty of hypocrisy in her attack on Reza Aslan's "authority" or even right to write or speak about Jesus and Christianity. Truly, I am baffled by the attempted intellectual grilling of a scholar by a woman who has a bachelor degree in music and whose first big accomplishment was a beauty contest. This is clearly an example of the type of programming that leads to racism, bigotry, stereotyping, and hatred. The question is why an uneducated woman like Lauren Green would choose to inflict such bigoted animosity. What is wrong with her? What happened that led to such contemptuous behavior. Does she simply think it is her job? If it's all for a paycheck, she may be a worse person than I originally thought.

Oh, and Lauren Green? The phrase you were looking for is "posing the question," not "begging the question." If you're going to interview people on an international news network, you should probably be educated on the basic rules of logical fallacies that you feebly attempt to interject into your interviews for credibility. To educated people you look even more foolish. Of course, you really couldn't do much worse than interviewing a scholar on his area of expertise and coming off looking like an idiot. Or like a bigot.

Mark Twain once said, "Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." In this case, an airhead like Lauren Green has even proved Mark Twain wrong.

Lauren, save some self respect and apologize before shamefully walking away.


Zach said...

Lauren is a bitch on wheels. She used to work in Minneapolis on one of the local stations when I was in my teens, this was back in the 80's, yeah she's old. Anyway, I was working in the mall and recognized her and her friend said, hey, a fan. She just gave me a dirty look and I'm like, don't flatter yourself Lauren. She came into the store all the time and was rude to several other people, I think she's just bad person.

Anonymous said...

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