Saturday, July 6, 2013

Google Hires People Who Do Stuff

Talent, according to Google, is over-rated.

Recently, I noted how Google is no longer using its brain-teasers or transcripts or GPA to screen candidates because the company - the best of data crunchers - has determined such measures are a complete waste of time.  I was a bit skeptical of completely dismissing those measures - especially the brainteasers questions because I like them - though I appreciated the feedback from Google's head of PR who explained that what really works in finding quality applicants is "asking them what they have done."

In researching another idea about "un-schooling" I ran across references to writer and speaker Tucker Max who has also written about Google's hiring approach in "Don't Look for Talent; Hire People Who Do Things."  Tucker's piece articulates his own experience with the interns and assistants he's used, and he can validate the benefit of hiring people who know how to accomplish something.

So, as I've long noted to my students, people should focus on developing talents rather than simply getting good grades or, worse, following their passion.

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