Sunday, September 29, 2013

Aloha Plate Wins the Great Food Truck Race

An exciting and fitting end to the latest season of the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. The boys from Hawaii - Aloha Plate - were the frontrunners for most of the season, so it was only fitting that they should square off against the St. Louisians, TikkaTikkaTaco.  Either team was deserving of the win, and I was not surprised to see the Philly boys go out in the "surprise elimination." They Sambonis are a great group of young men, and they will certainly be successful if they ever do secure their own food truck. But it's nothing compared to the culinary - and cultural - magic worked by the Hawaiian boys on a weekly basis. Their ability to attract and draw an Aloha Crowd in city after city was inspiring, and these young men deserve a business to continue selling great food and spreading the Aloha Spirit. In fact, the finale episode featured footage of the crowds holding a luau and singing Hawaiian songs in front of the truck - and even stopping sales for a few minutes to hold hands and sing a spiritual Hawaiian folk song. It was truly cool and inspiring to see, and it's no wonder these guys are going to be so successful running a food truck. Of course, hats off to the men from St. Louis who hung around for seven weeks, with first place always just out of reach.  Kudos to the Food Network for another great season. This is one of their more entertaining contests, offering great insight into a culinary phenomenon, and borrowing a bit from another great reality show, The Amazing Race.

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