Monday, September 9, 2013

Bowled and Beautiful Exit the Great Food Truck Race

With nothing but skilled and engaging competitors left on the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race hosted by Tyler Florence, it was bound to be a tough loss for one of the teams. The two teams most likely to fall behind were the ladies from Bowled and Beautiful and Philly's Finest Sambonis. While both these teams were tops in weeks past, it seems they are running out of ways to stay competitive. This week the time ran out for the lovely ladies of Bowled and Beautiful - three single moms with a great concept and hearts of gold. Tyler was certainly troubled by having to take their keys, and a part of me hopes some millionaire investor who is watching the show decides to contact these moms and fund their truck out of the goodness of his heart. Who knows - maybe a millionaire chef like Tyler will decide to do that. In fact, that's how I feel about all these trucks at this point. I hope someone watching decides to take a chance on all these people - because they all seem deserving of a shot at their own food truck. I wonder if that has ever happened before. The Hawaiian boys from the Aloha Plate continue to master the challenges of the Great Food Truck Race, and I am certainly hoping they win. Something as challenging as butchering a buffalo was nothing but fun for these guys - and from the size of their winning margins, I have to say those must be some pretty tasty lettuce wraps. Everything about these guys seems to be a winning formula, and I am pulling for them. However, the St. Louisans from TikkaTikkaTaco also impress me.  And the chefs from the Slide Show definitely deserve a truck. With these great trucks - all manned by seemingly really good people - each week will definitely be a tough challenge for Tyler to send them home.

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