Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blogging's Been Light

For those checking in and wondering where the content is, I apologize for the lack of updates.  In a new role at work with responsibilities that have been cutting into blogging time. Now, with a day of professional development presentations behind me, there should be some time to organize a better system to my days which allows the creation and posting of content.  Some things that have been on my mind and radar, which should have received coverage are:

The exit of the SlideShow truck on the Great Food Truck Race. Sorry I haven't offered any commentary - though I will quickly note that I like all the teams and am sad to see any lose out at this point.

The question of whether youth football should be ended because of concerns about concussions.

Diane Ravitch's astute and thoughtful challenges to current education reform - especially the data-less implementation of Common Core standards, standardized test, charter schools, and vouchers.

Louis CK's excellent rant on cell phones and why he won't give his kids one.

And, because you want to hear the song after Louis' mention of it, here's Springteen's Jungleland.

Stay with me - there will be more to come.

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