Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Trouble with Common Core

Even as two-thirds of Americans remain clueless and aloof to incredibly significant changes to public education in the country, the troubling stories of the downside to the implementation of Common Core State Standards continue to mount.  In the latest anecdotal evidence of poor planning and shoddy implementation, child psychotherapist and parent Katie Hurley blogs for the Huffington Post about the absurd lesson planning in her six-year-old daughter's first grade class. Certainly, Hurley's post is simply one person's experience which is neither the intent nor the inevitable result of Common Core State Standards. However, her concerns should not be dismissed. The greatest problem with the Common Core is the myopic focus on basics of literacy and math and the overemphasis on standardized tests to confirm some nebulous concept of "mastery." The Common Core has been authenticated and implemented by states and public education systems with very little training and even less general knowledge of what the goal and intent and standards actually are. I remain baffled that something so significant could have passed all the screening without an incredible amount of training to avoid the inevitable misapplications of the like mentioned by Katie Hurley. This result is not good for education.

Oh, where are you John Dewey and Jean Jacques Rousseau and Maria Montessori and Sir Ken Robinson???

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