Friday, July 15, 2016

Grammar Lessons - "Whom are we kidding?"

OK, so how much does anyone really need to know about grammar?

Whenever people learn I am an English teacher, their first reaction is a bit reserved and hesitant, and their second reaction is usually a grammar question. One of the most common: when is it "who" and when is it "whom." Sadly, most people use whom incorrectly quite often in an ill-fated attempt to sound educated. They will literally use "whom" all the time because they think it sounds smart. It doesn't, however, to the educated people.

The long answer to who/whom is that "who" is a subject and "whom" is an object. They are both pronouns, so the choice depends on the case of the sentence. Of course, since many people couldn't find the subject or the object of a sentence if it were blinking in neon lights, and because situations of questions and inverted word order confuse them even more, there is a simpler answer.

Use who in any sentence where you could substitute the word "he." Use whom in any sentence where you could substitute the word "him." I should say him/her, but it's easier to match up the "m" in whom/him.

Thus, it works like this:

Whom did she ask to the dance? Because she asked "him."

Who was at the party? Because "he" was at the party.

And for a bit more information and explanation, I must direct you toward and give a big shout out to the website -

Grammarly is an excellent resource for all your grammar questions..

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