Thursday, July 28, 2016

Michael Moore says Trump will Win

"President Trump ..."

Wow, is that really a possibility? It absolutely is if you believe progressive documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's line of thinking. Moore has been a pretty astute social and political commentator over the years, though his also a rather biased and occasionally conspiratorial thinker. That said, Moore is trying to prepare Democrats, liberals, progressives, and all non-Hillary Haters of the inevitbale - Donald Trump will win the Presidency of the United States simply because there are enough of his supporters who regularly vote to outpace the large numbers of women, Millennials, and minorities who would oppose Trump but are often disenfranchised. It's a pretty intriguing prediction. Moore's issues/arguments include:

  • Midwest math
  • Angry White Man
  • Hillary Problem
  • Sanders voters
  • Jesse Ventura Effect

As an unaffiliated independent who scrutinizes and supports candidates from both major parties, I have been baffled by the popularity and staying power of Donald Tump. Knowing government as I do, I don't believe or support the "myth of the outsider" or non-politician who is going to ride in on a white horse and "fix Washington." But, strangely, a lot of educated white voters do. The same thing goes for the idea that we need a businessman to run the government. That's pretty much nonsense, but a lot of people believe it as well. So, it appears that the most unqualified man to run for President has a strong chance of beating out a woman whose life has been devoted to public service and who is, undoubtedly, one of the most qualified people to ever run for office. The sad reality for the "Never-Trump" crowd is that there are too many negatives around Hillary Clinton, and I am just beginning to understand how deep the Republican animosity toward her is.

So, Michael Moore may just have a point. Get ready.

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