Wednesday, January 6, 2021

January 6, 2021

My heart is heavy, and my spirit is mourning.

I’m just truly deeply sad.

My unshakeable belief is starting to shiver.

My unwavering faith is starting to quiver.

No man, no one person, no single act, no moment in time is stronger than the republic ...

I’ve always said.

I’ve always believed.

The institutions are solid, the base will hold, the foundation is secure, the nation endures ...

I’ve always trusted.

Not here, not now, not possible. No way.

It’s not supposed to be this way. But is it this way?

I’ve never been one for the exaggerated claims: “end of days, catastrophic shifts, future of the country, life as we know it, pivotal decision, vote of our lifetime, life-changing moment …”

One party, one election, one law, one act -- one “anything” is not the sum of us.

It never has been for me.

I’ve never believed such narrow and extreme warnings.

“Better angels … malice toward none … city upon a hill … e pluribus unum”

They’re not just words, not just platitudes, not just theoreticals, not just ideas.

But they’re not finished. They are a work in progress, always.

And I still trust. And I still believe. And still hope. And I still love.

But I’m worried. And I’m sad.

Truly, deeply, sad.

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