Thursday, May 6, 2021

Random Thoughts for a Thursday

A few thoughts, quips, and comments are on my mind this afternoon. Here are a few things to ponder:

PSA: Grandbabies is not a word. It’s grandchildren, grandson, granddaughter, grandchild

PSA: It’s anyway, not “anyways.” And if you say “any-who,” I’m not sure we can be friends.

I am honestly suspicious of anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.

I am proposing that the two-finger “peace” symbol shall now be known as the universal “I’m vaccinated” sign. When people meet up, they flash the “V-sign” to acknowledge and confirm. #VforVaccinated

Perhaps burning bridges is just a way of making sure you go forward in life and not backwards.

Not everyone is gifted. Everyone is not “brilliant in their own way.”

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Anonymous said...

Eyes provide a limited viewpoint, only allowing you to see in front of you and somewhat to your sides. They're fragile and sensitive and sometimes don't work as they should.

Ears can only pick up vibrations of enough strength, requiring someone else to do the work for them. They can convey improperly and sometimes don't work as they should.

Noses are fragile, inherently unhygienic, sensitive, and sometimes unsightly and don't work as they should.

Tongues are slimy, prone to sores, sensitive, and extremely variable. They sometimes don't work as they should.

Fingers are easily exhaustible, noteworthy targets for breakage. We rely on them heavily while they can, alone, bear only a small burden. They are fragile, sensitive, and sometimes don't work as they should.

Skin grows constantly, often producing unsightly flakes or acne, uncomfortable sores, malodorous oils, and most of all, pigments that cause no small amount of prejudice. It is often sensitive, requires intense attention, and sometimes doesn't work as it should.

Feet are ill-suited for grabbing things, require regular upkeep, can easily grow sore, and are prone to crack under pressure. They sometimes don't work as they should.

Every flaw has a reason. Every action has a reaction. Everything has its place and its opposite.

Everyone is brilliant in their own way. You have the right to choose whether you look at where the light shines or where the darkness exists.