Wednesday, August 18, 2021

David Lynch does TM?

David Lynch blows my mind, as he does everyone's. But sometimes he does it even when he isn't completely weirding me out. This month's New Yorker has a great profile on Lynch and how he's been spending his time during the pandemic. 

Lynch has been living what he calls a “farmer’s life” during the pandemic. “This morning, I woke up at around [long pause] 3:04 a.m.,” he told me. “Then I have my coffee and take a few smokes out on the deck” before meditating, shooting a daily weather report that he posts on YouTube, and moving on to whatever else the workday holds. Sometimes it’s painting or sculpture; other times it’s intentional daydreaming, when he allows his mind to cast about for ideas (“like fishing, I always say”). Occasionally, he designs contraptions, like a urinal that swings out from underneath the sink in his studio. Some of these activities are demonstrated in another, irregular video series he does called “What Is David Working On?” The only people he currently interacts with in person are his wife, Emily Stofle, their eight-year-old daughter, his personal assistant, and his three adult children. Though rumors persist of there being a Lynch television project in the works, he told me that—for now—production work of any kind for him is on indefinite hold. He’s open to the idea of getting back into directing when it makes sense: “I would never say no to anything if I fell in love with the material.”

What I really love about this piece is Lynch's promotion of the ideas of habits and routines as part of mindfulness. Sometimes routines can put us on autopilot, which can easily become mindlessness. But that's not what Lynch is talking about -- instead the routine and habit can actually free our minds up for greater focus and subsequently more creativity and production. I just really dig this. And while I've been meditating daily for a couple years now, my practice can always use improvement and better focus. Reading about Lynch and his commitment to TM has intrigued me to expand my practice.

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