Thursday, December 6, 2012

Amazing Race - Bitchy Twins Hang On

Darn!  It was a non-Elimination round.

Amazing Race fans thought they were going to be free of the annoying, bitchy, unpleasant twins from Sri Lanka this week when Natalie and Nadyia's inability to drive a stick shift put them behind the seemingly harmless goat farmers.  Alas, it was a non-elimination round which is meant to lead in to the two-hour finale next week.  The first hour, of course, will lead to the elimination of one team and the selection of the final three who will "race for a million dollars."

One interesting scene from this week was the time at the beach, when teams had a free twelve-hours to goof around on the beaches in Spain while they waited for the transportation to their next task to open.  This was actually neat to see.  I'm not sure I've ever seen the Amazing Race show us some downtime, and it was a fun addition to the show.

While many of us were rooting for Abby and Ryan to make the final three - and we all know the goat farmers will never win it all - it was a shame to see the twins stick around.  At this point, I am pulling for James and Jaymes, simply because the goat farmers won't make it, and the other teams are too annoying to root for.

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