Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Long Will You Live? Try Standing Up.

Being an information junkie, I am a big fan of Yahoo News/Health/Sports, etc.  In fact, I have Yahoo as my homepage and I've found their Associated Content to be a worthwhile information source.  One of the standards on YahooHealth is the list of habits you should or shouldn't be doing, as well as advice on what your habits say about you.  With that in mind, Yahoo offers this simple test of longevity based on research by Brazilian doctors who recently published:

Can you easily sit down on the floor and rise from that position?

According to doctors, people who are unable to comfortable get down on the floor and then stand up from a sitting position are considerably more likely to die younger.  It would seem to be a matter of basic fitness, and it's probably a significant red flag if you can't do this.

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