Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazing Race Season Finale - Amazing Win for Beekman Boys

Brains bested braun on the season finale of the Amazing Race - Season 21.  Josh and Brent, the goat farmers known affectionately as the Beekman Boys, outlasted all other teams to win one million dollars and the title of winners of the Amazing Race.  If there were ever a team of underdogs on the Amazing Race, the goat farming, gay, Beekman Boys are that team.  By all accounts, they had no business making it very far in the race, no business making it to the season finale, no business making it to the final three and destination city in New York, and absolutely no business winning it all.  Except for their determination.

Admittedly, I am really sad for Jaymes and James, the Chippendale dancers who were a lot of fun and a competitive team throughout.  With Jaymes' goal of using the million dollars to ease the burden of his dad who is struggling with cancer, it was easy to root for them.  Alas, it was not to be, and that was a tough break.  But, of course, it was great to see the bitchy twins go out before the final leg.  That elimination truly amazed me, as I had no faith the Beekman Boys would best the twins until the girls went the wrong way.  Karma, karma, karma.  And, I have to say that it was nothing but pure karma that Trey and Lexi did not win the Amazing Race.  They had it in the bag until that last challenge, and Lexi simply melted down in a challenge she couldn't quite figure out.  But to my point - Trey and Lexi cheated early in the race, taking money that the bitchy twins stole from Rock Star/Lawyer team.  What goes around ....

A lot of karma going around on this race.  The alliances that the teams made going into the final really bugged me - as it was more Survivor than Amazing Race.  And I was baffled as to why the teams thought they wanted to eliminate the farmers before the final, as everyone thought they were the weakest team.  And the karma just kept coming.  Certainly, Jaymes/James thought they made the right decision in U-turning Abby and Ryan in the second to last leg of the race.  When all was said and done, the alliance truly did need to fear the Beekman Boys the most.

Overall, this was not my favorite season of the Amazing Race by any stretch ... until the very end.  In the end, the final three teams were all really nice people, and it was nice to see them all go for the gold.

Way to go, Beekman Boys!

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