Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great Games for the Holidays

Hanukkah is over, but there are still eight shopping days until Christmas.  In my family, we are constantly on the lookout for new games, especially at this time of year.  Whether it's something small for a stocking stuffer or a big new board game for under the tree, the holiday season is the perfect time to add new games for the family.  Board games are still the best, and many families could certainly use some fun activities to gather around the coffee table with.  One of our favorite activities in the winter is to head over on cold, snowy weekend days to our neighborhood Starbucks for holiday drinks and a couple hours of game playing.  Consider some of the following.

You can, of course, never go wrong with the classic card game Uno, which should be in every house.  And Yahtzee is a classic that never goes out of style.  However, for a new twist on the dice circuit consider adding Yam-Slam to your game stock.  Yam-Slam is like Yahtzee, except players collect chips for the standard rolls, rather than write down the points.  We love this one for travel as well - great airport time killer.  And, if your family is into dice games and you have never played Farkle, this new spin on dice games is a must.

We recently discovered games from the Blue-Orange, which bills itself as "Hot games for a cool planet."  One of our favorites is Spot-it, which contains multiple card games.  The makers of Spot-it also feature a great game called Trigger which is fun for all ages.  These games are really simple because they only use cards which have all the necessary information.  Both Trigger and Spot-it are the perfect party games.  Blue-Orange is also the home of Yam-Slam, as well as a new version of dominoes called Bendomino, which is the same basic idea but the tiles are curved.

Whatever it is this year, get your game on for the holidays.

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