Sunday, February 23, 2014

Amazing Race Is Back - All Stars 2014

Start your engines, Race fans, the Amazing Race is back in action with an All-Star cast returning once more to try their luck in a "race around the world." Season number 24 of the most popular and successful of reality TV shows kicked off tonight on the campus of UCLA and, after some brief drama and background, sent eleven teams off to GuaDong, China " in search of their next clue."

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the Race is once again starting from Los Angeles. The producers need to mix it up a bit and consider some other departure cities. It's always fun to guess what Destination City will be, but it's become a bit tiresome for the contestants to always take off from LAX. As it stands, there was a bit of drama with one team facing a medical emergency to start the show. But how heartwarming for fellow Kentucky-an Mallory to join Mark after "Bopper" had to bow out for health reasons.

My early favorite is, once again, the Cowboys - Jett and Cord. They are fan favorites because they are just so darn sweet and such good competitors. It's been heartbreaking to see them lose twice. I was also thrilled to see the GlobeTrotters, Flight-time and Big Easy back. If they win, I won't be disappointed. Margie and Luke are also a heartwarming team, though Luke's emotional issues can be tough to watch when they weaken his chances. And, the father-son team of Dave and Connor would be a great win after they were forced out with an injury last time.

Leading the list of teams I don't want, the Sri Lankan girls met my hopes and expectations by going out in the first round. They are just so annoying and rude - I can't imagine why the producers thought anyone would want to listen to them "bitching" at each other for an hour every week. The Afghan-imals are also a bit crass and over-the-top. So, I won't be disappointed when their attitudes lead them to failure. Other teams like the YouTubers and the country singers are just so "ho-hum."

Regardless, it's nice to have Phil and the Racers back. Game on.

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