Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Governor Brewer Vetoes Bill That Discriminates Against Gay People

Sometimes doing the right thing is just obvious. And sometimes people have to bend or even violate their principles to do what's right. Governor Jan Brewer did the right thing today by vetoing SB-1062, which would have basically legalized discrimination.  In a wise and astute bit of explanation, Brewer noted, "Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value … so is non-discrimination." Bam! What a powerful statement to those who so self-righteously attempted to enshrine hate and discrimination in the laws of the land. Being a pragmatic politician, Brewer did not immediately move to dismiss the bill, but instead gave the bill its process and carefully allowed the issue to develop. Both sides were heard, and then she moved to strike down the bill which never should have passed out of committee, never should have entered committee, never should have exited the mind of the first congressman who initiated it. This bill was just wrong. Despite any one person's feelings or values or religion or philosophy or experience, the bill was wrong on so many levels. It's nice to know that Governor Brewer agreed.

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