Monday, February 24, 2014

Retirement at 65? Or Never ...

Retire? Me?

I've always joked to my students - and my wife - that I will be "pushing my walker" across the parking lot for as long as I am conscious ... and lucid. OK, maybe just conscious.  The idea of retiring just seems like something old people do. Of course, now, with the new economic uncertainty, "The Other Retirement Plan:" is to work past sixty-five. We've all seen the commercials lately - from every financial advisor in the business - asking us to guess the "amount of money" will need in retirement.  Few would guess correctly on how much that could be.

So, instead people must imagine that a life of leisure at sixty-five (of fifty-five for many public employees) just may not be in the cards. And, some may not want it to be - for, "there are only so many rounds of golf you can play. Is "75 the new 65"? It's possible that the Golden Age of the golden years may be past. And no one may ever retire again like the WWII generation and Baby Boomers were able to do.

And that's probably OK.

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