Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Green Smoothies & Sun Salutations

As the weather gets nice, and we wake from our post-holiday winter slumbers, it's time to start some spring cleaning, both physically and metaphorically. It's time to air things out a bit, and from a physical standpoint, it's time to sweep out the cobwebs, and get serious about feeling as fresh and healthy as the late spring weather. Fitness writer and "Mis-fit" Vicky Hallet of the WashingtonPost.com offers two bits of advice for some some spring cleaning of your health:
In each of these pieces, Vicky offers some basic information on two of the easiest ways to jumpstart your health. Making green smoothies is a great way to get your RDA of healthy veggies, and you can amp up your metabolism and energy with plenty of kale and collards and spices and fruits. The "Green Smoothie" is a must for anyone serious about getting more "real food" into their diet. In the article, Vicky profiles the book and diet plan of nutritionist JJ Smith, who set herself a challenge to "detox." When many friends joined her, she turned the experiment into a diet plan.

And as you take care  of the body, it's imperative to look after the mind and spirit as well. Yoga is the time honored approach to that, and it's an activity and lifestyle that many people wish they could fit into their lives. I know that when life gets a bit stressful, the first thing that goes is my yoga and meditation. And the last thing that should go is my yoga and meditation. So, it's nice to get a reminder every once in a while about fitting a bit of "moving meditation" back into our days. The "Sun Salutation" is in many ways the baseline and the most accessible of yoga routines.

So, it's worth a little bit of yoga and a smoothie to head into the summer in great shape.

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