Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School Lunch Program Makes Headlines

As I've almost helplessly watched my blog sit passive for the last month, I've come to realize just how hard it is to blog during the month of May. With AP exams and final units/projects and graduation and graduation parties and new projects for the summer, there has been precious little of value to check out on A Teacher's View.  Yet, I have not been idle, still reading and writing and posting. And, of course, tweeting out ideas on a regular basis.

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Some of the ideas I have been working on and/or following lately are, not surprisingly, food related. As a teacher and administrator, the issues raised by the changes in the National School Lunch Program have been worth watching. Apparently, while most of us weren't looking, the federal lunch program and its new "healthy guidelines" has become quite the political issue.  With new nutritional guidelines making the food choices more restricted and less desirable, some schools have been considering "opting out" of the federal program. In fact, many schools already have, with notable ones being the Arlington Heights district in Illinois and the Waterford School District in Wisconsin.

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