Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Commencement Speech - Live Deliberately

Amidst all the commencement speeches making their rounds this May, I offer some thoughts from the original American original, Henry David Thoreau. As part of his Transcendental philosophy, grounded in a rugged individuality and self reliance, Thoreau recommended that above all we Live Deliberately.

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Nick I said...

It is interesting to me that living deliberately was prefaced by teaching us to not "fake read". This is something that makes more sense now than ever before. But fake reading is only the start of it. After being in college for four years, it is easy to see how easily fake reading really turns into fake learning. Some students fake learn all the way to that piece of paper that says they paid tons of money so they could live passively for four years. Thanks, Mr. Mazenko, for pointing so many people in the direction of deliberate living, while so many try to skate by in a passive generation.