Friday, May 9, 2014

Louis CK, the Philosopher King

It's the comedians that put it all in perspective.

I've always appreciated the brilliance of comedians in contemporary society because they are doing so much more than entertaining us. It's often about so much more than just making us laugh. Basically, the best comedians are able to expose to us the absurdity of it all. Louis CK is one these humorous cultural critics. While I have been aware of him for a while, it was his guest spot on Conan O'Brien when he explained why he won't get his child a cell phone that made me pay attention:

Recently, Louis CK has made headlines with his long Twitter rant about his frustrations with Common Core State Standards after struggling along with his daughters in doing their math homework. The brilliance of Louis' commentary on the issue is that he wasn't speaking as a comedian, but simply commenting as a parent. There has been a lot of backlash against his criticisms of Common Core standards. And some of it comes, astutely, from teachers. But there has been as many people who appreciate his commentary and support him.

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And, so, Louis is on my radar. And I am enjoying a season of his sitcom, Louis. And, as I look for more insight and commentary - and laughs - from a man who is being called today's "Lenny Bruce, or Bob Dylan, or a philosopher king," I was pleased to run across this really nice interview on Charlie Rose's show:

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