Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bill Clinton Makes Strong Case for Hillary

Oh, Bill.

Just like he did at the 2012 Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton worked his rhetorical magic in making the case that Hillary is a "change maker" who is the "real" choice in this election. He is undoubtedly, as one CNN panelist noted, "one the great speakers and storytellers of our time." The narrative approach began so poetically with "In the fall of 1971, I met a girl." It was, as speechwriter and consultant Paul Begala noted, a line that could have come out of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Bill just has the Mark Twain-esque knack for taking his listeners on a journey at the end of which we have learned a little more "about the meaning of life." It was a masterful speech.

The most compelling part of Bill's "little talk" with the American people was not only the narrative but the beautiful way he framed Hillary's life as one founded upon and driven by a record of public service. Rather than being an old member of the Establishment, Hillary is actually the one who has always been focused, like Van Jones said, on "moving the country forward." The folksy rambling way that Bill peppered his speeches with stories and examples of how she changed laws and made the world a better places - all the while that he was simply trying to "get her to marry me" - marked this presentation and convention as a markedly different world than that of the RNC in Cleveland and the world of Donald Trump.

There is simply no way to deny that Hillary has lived an incredibly signifcant life of service to those who need help, especially children and the poor. While critics may take exception to her motives and insinuate deep character issues around her focus, the facts on the ground remain that she has lived a life of public service. It was, in fact, something that Newt Gingrich noted, "If it were true, I'd be tempted to vote for her." Well, in all reality, Newt knows that her accomplishments - especially in terms of legislation and governance - are not in question. He doesn't have to like her, and he doesn't have to give her credit. But he can't deny her achievements. And, that image of Hillary working for a better world is tough to counter by an RNC that must promote the dark vision and division of a man like Donald Trump. Hillary is in good shape if American voters compare the portraits of her world and vision, and the Gotham-like despair of Trump's message. And, no one could ever frame that better than Bill. Hillary has a strong ally in "the man from Hope."

You know, I've always said:  Bill Clinton is a schmuck. But he's our schmuck. And for whatever reason, America can't help but love him. Last night's speech was the perfect example of why.


Mike Thiac said...

One of the late night comedians named Bill's new position, the "First Ladies Man" :-)

mmazenko said...

That's hilarious. Love it.

Mike Thiac said...

We finally agree on something.