Tuesday, December 22, 2020

How Educated Are We?

As we struggle through this bizarre year, and worry quite honestly about what is being missed and who is falling behind and what the fall out will actually be, I think we need to scrutinize every bit of data and truly reflect on what is really going on in schools. And what has been for the past fifty years ago. So, here are a few things to consider:

As of 2020, we can assert that the US is more educated than ever before:
90% of people 25 and over have graduated high school. In the 1940s it was 24%
Additionally, approximately 70% go onto 2-4 year college
And, according to Gallup Polls 82% of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with their child’s education, as well as their own education. 50% are satisfied with the education system in America. So, that’s kind of like congressional approval ratings, right? Everyone despises Congress, but not their own representatives.

It’s also worth noting that in many ways, kids are learning more than ever before. For example,
The standard 9th grade math class is Algebra I, but many students now finish that in middle school. I took AlgebraII/Trig in 11th grade, but my daughter took the same class in 8th grade. And my son took AP Calculus in 8th grade. Today, nearly a million students take calculus every year. And, perhaps the most impressive development is Advanced Placement classes offered by the College Board. AP Classes are college classes taken in high school.

In 2018 = 1.25 million 2018 grads took 4.2 million AP exams. 40% of class took at least one AP out of 38 possible AP classes. My AP English Lang & Comp students regularly do the type of writing I didn’t achieve until graduate school.

Just some things to consider about the state of education.

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