Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Living Artfully & the Wisdom of Georgia O'Keefe

 For a while now, I have known I would like to have more art in my life, in my consciousness, in the way I view the world. Living artfully has been a goal for a few years now, and to that end I've tried to bring more art into my life and into the world. I'm trying to play piano, I have a sketch book, and (until the pandemic hit last March), I started taking art classes again for the first time since probably elementary school. And looking to and learning about artists is a key to help us see the world like an artist and live artfully. Websites like Artsy are great places for this guidance, such as "How to be an Artist, according to Georgia O'Keefe."

As I look with admiration, awe, reverence, (and yes even a bit of envy), I know its naive to believe the works are in any way effortless. They are a lot of effort, and, as O'Keefe notes, "the notion that you can make [or be] an artist overnight is a fallacy." Great artists don't just happen with a flash of brilliance but instead are created through the school of experience. O'Keefe was a great model, an artist who did it all naturally, yet worked incredibly hard at it. And the best advice she had was open our eyes and observe the world with a passion and intensity.

I've always loved the idea of "seeing the world like an artist," and I always reveled in the fruits of the way artists see the world. 

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